What cord to use to connect servo600 amp to sonos connect

  • 21 March 2017
  • 1 reply

I have a servo 600 amp that I'm trying to connect to my Sonos connect. On the back of the amp there is only a line out one white input, there is no optical. So my question is what cord do I use to connect the amp to the Sonos connect?

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1 reply

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I'm not really the right person to answer this... so I'll give you what I *think* is the answer, bump this thread for you, and the tech experts here will correct me or verify what I am telling you.

What I see from a google search on the Servo600... you have a "channel 1" and "channel 2" input... that labelling appears to align to the channel 1,2 output wiring... that suggest to me that is equivalent to a "left and right" channel without pre-determining which is which ...

Looks to me like you want to run an "RCA" plug from the Sonos Connect Red/White (L/R OUT) to the the channel 1,2 inputs (which are inconveniently on the outside edges of the amp.) Run an RCA cable from "L" to the appropriate channel "RCA" plug (unbalanced) on the amp... and "R" to the alternate RCA input. (An RCA cable is an "unbalanced" cable...).

I'm pretty confident this will get the Sonos audio out to the amp... (assuming that is what you want to do right?) but I'm quick top note that there **definitely** are better audio equipment experts on this board than I...