Was the Connect updated along with the Connect:AMP?

  • 5 August 2019
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I’m having lots of problems with the 5 (original) Connect:AMPs and one Connect devices in my house. Speakers disappearing and constant music skips and drops; the wireless Sonos speakers I have do not exhibit these problems.

I’m wondering if upgrading my AMPs and Connect would make a difference since I have had them for ?10+ years.

Sonos used to be such an awesome, reliable and seamless system. Over the past couple of years it’s completely lost that. In a large home with 15 Sonos devices I really don’t want to toss the whole thing and start over, but I’m losing my patience. (And yes, I have been in contact with customer support many times).

Thanks for your thoughts!

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2 replies

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With 15 devices the chance of IP issues is one to be aware of. Nobody has clear evidence of just what is going wrong, why or even when aside from it striking more often at power cycles and updates.

The solution is to set a static//reserved IP address for each Sonos device, unplug them all, reboot router and switches. Plug in your Boost, Bridge or a Wired Sonos device. Wait about a minute and plug in the next, do wired first, then wireless devices.

A diagnostic to one of the 23x7 support options or via e-mail is a good place to start, the phone folks are usually best but the waits can be long. The forum is a great community but very clumsy for official support discussions.
It sounds more like you're having issues in your local LAN. Since you haven't gotten anywhere with Sonos support, I'd try a fairly simple refresh of your entire network. Unplug all of the Sonos devices from power. Speakers, CONNECTs, CONNECT:AMPs, BRIDGE, BOOST, absolutely every single one should be unplugged from power.

Then reboot your router. If you've got switches involved, reboot them as well.

Once the router and switches come back up, plug back in your Sonos devices. Test.

One random're not using any wifi extenders, by any chance?

Also, are you running one device wired, and allowing the SonosNet to carry the traffic, or are all devices hanging off of your own wifi signal?

If this doesn't help, it might be helpful for those who are more knowledgable than I am to list exactly what brand and type of router you're using, as well as any other network devices that might be in the mix. There are some devices, which Sonos lists on an FAQ somewhere, that require specific settings to be adjusted in order to work properly, so telling us here might be helpful.

And no, there's been no updates to the CONNECT. The CONNECT:AMP was replaced by the Sonos Amp, but the CONNECT has stayed the same.