VIZIO Tv optical audio line in to Sonos 5

  • 25 July 2021
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I have an older Sonos 5 (S1 app compatible).

I’m running an optical audio cable (optical to 3.5mm)  from Visio TV to the Sonos 5. I’ve confirmed the proper VIZIO audio output settings with VIZIO support. However there is no TV audio from the Sonos 5. 

The Sonos 5 works fine wirelessly with the S1 app. I’ve enclosed an image of the Sonos 5 settings. Can anyone suggest a remedy or things to try? Thanks



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8 replies

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Have you tried adjusting the Source Level setting higher? And have you selected the Line-In option under Browse?

Thanks. Yes and Yes, see images below, thanks!

interestingly the Line in image contains the “sound icon” moving . But no sound output…


What is the device that is changing the digital optical output to an analog input that can be read by the Sonos PLAY:5? Is it a Gen 1 PLAY:5, or a Gen 2?

I’m using this optical audio cable. Optical plug into Vizio optical Jack and the other end is 3.5 mm into play 5

Sonos 5 Gen 1



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In your link Amazon says you have a “Mini-TOSLINK Cable (Digital Audio Cable, Optical, TOSLINK to Mini-TOSLINK, Fiber Optic, transmits Digital Audio Signals to TVs/amplifiers/Hi-Fi Systems, Black)”. Nowhere does it mention transcoding digital to analogue nor optical to electrical. Looking at the connectors I see no minijack. If this is what you are using, it will not do what you want it to.

Also, if you would succeed in transcoding the signal, you would have a delay of 70ms, needed for buffering.

Thanks ! that’s great technical feedback !

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Mini-toslink?? Who even knew that was a thing.

And the Amazon page says “ IMPORTANT: This cable is not a converter and is UNSUITABLE for connecting to the 3.5mm jack “

Thanks. Was not aware that “conversion “ was needed :nerd: