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  • 5 September 2021
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I wanna buy a turn table to play vinyl via a preamp on two play 5 (2 nd gen) speakers set on stereo and I was wondering if the line in mode keep the sound analog ūü§Ē


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No it does not - it does analog to digital to analog. Do you think that matters?


honestly I don't know if its matter, when I bought these  speakers 3 years ago I was looking at first for a cheap vinyl setup,then I finally went with sonos for the convenience and I have no regret it works great with a tidal hi-fi account but 3 years later I earn more money then before and I have the fear of missing out on a fully analog system and obviously I never had one ( I am 24) 

Unless you dig out a record pressed prior to the early 1970’s, assume that it has been digitized at some point along the way. Regardless of what happened in the recording studio, the record cutting lathes transitioned from pure analog to a process that digitized the signal on the way to the cutting head.

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It all depends on what you are playing through. If you are using a turntable to then go through a port and play on other sonos speakers, you will unlikely to hear a difference. If you are playing through a higher end system with higher end speakers, it will likely not sound as good as keeping it all analogue, but why would you do that. If you have the integrated or preamp system, your would likely connect to it. 


Bear in mind that most turntables play at very low volume, so they need their own phono preamp to raise the level of the signal. Many integrated amps have them. Some do not. The sonos port does not, so if your turntable does not have a built in preamp (most don’t, but some do) you will need one. 

Somebody should read up on a couple guys named Nyquist and Shannon.  It is they who proved that a digital sampling of a band limited analog signal (such as that used for audio), when converted back to analog, is exactly the same as the original signal.  Not close, not almost, but exactly the same.  Zero information is lost.  

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Regardless of wether you'll notice any difference: Sonos digitizes any input it receives from analogue sources. It needs to because it has to be able to send the signal to other speakers via a digital (wifi or cabled) link.