Vintage setup - naked end speaker wires

  • 12 August 2017
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Hello friends. I have an old Sansui G-4500 Pure power Stereo Receiver (connected) to a Dual turntable and an AKAI cassette deck) and I am considering replacing the speakers with Sonos equipment. I believe I need CONNECT with my set-up, not CONNECT AMP. My speaker wires are older school, i.e. naked ends both sides. And the Sansui has a set-up to receive naked wire ends at the back. What do I do? Do I get speaker wire with RCA in one end, and naked wire ends at the other? Do they exist? I appreciate your input and i hope I am clear in my question.

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7 replies

Are you trying to replace the speakers only and retain the Sansui receiver? If so you would no longer use the speaker output or speaker wires from the receiver. Instead you would disconnect those and use a Sonos Connect attached to "Tape Out" or "REC OUT" terminals on the receiver to get the signal from your receiver into the Sonos network. You can then get one or more Sonos Play speakers to play the sound from the Connect. Is this what you are looking to do?

To be clear, under no circumstances do you want to take the speaker output from the Sansui an feed it into any piece of Sonos equipment. They cannot accept a speaker level input signal and would be damaged if you tried it..
Oh thank you - yes that is whatI want to do. Replace only the speakers and maintain the Sansui. The 4 TAPE sockets (REC and PLAY, R&L) are occupied by the AKAI cassette deck. There are two AUX sockets (R and L) available. But I am not sure how that would work.
This is what the rear of the Sansui looks like

Unfortunately the Tape REC jacks look to be the only output you can use with Sonos.

Do you still use the cassette deck for recording or just playback?

I don't see a connection on the phono input... do you still use your turntable?

There might be other options depending what you normally listen to besides the cassette deck.
You have a good point. I don't record cassettes anymore... Only playback. So maybe that's an option.
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If the Aux input is not used, use that to connect to the SONOS Connect you just need a set of DIN leads
If the Aux input is not used, use that to connect to the SONOS Connect you just need a set of DIN leads


The OP wants to send music from the amp to Sonos so needs to use an output and needs RCA or phono leads not DIN (these were used in the 70's and more recently by Niam)

Put the audio from the cassette into the AUX and use the tape out into the Sonos Connect input. If speakers are retained on the amp then use the Output from the Connect to the Tape Input - this is probably the best way to start with Sonos.

If the orginal hifi speakers are removed he would also need to purchase Sonos speakers Play 1/3/5 to hear music.