Using Sonos to play CDs without an amplified

  • 20 November 2016
  • 2 replies

I recently purchased a Sonos Playbar and it works great with my TV. I now want to play my CDs through the TV into the Playbar. I was told that I could connect my CD player output to the Sonos Connect input port and then connect the output of the Sonos Connect device and go to the input of my TV and play my CDs through my TV using the Playbar. However, when I do this I cannot get any sound. I don't know if I actually need an external amplifier or if my setup in the Sonos app is wrong. Does anyone have any advice.

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2 replies

It's actually easier than that. No need for a wired connection to the TV. Just select your line-in as the music source for the Playbar. Make the Playbar your Autoplay Room for the line in. Then play a CD.

An even better idea would be to rip your CDs and sell the CD player!
Were you sold the CONNECT as the only way of connecting the CD player to the PLAYBAR? Unless you have another use for the CONNECT 'room' -- to drive an existing amp or receiver -- you've perhaps been the victim of an over-zealous sales rep.

To play a CD player through the PLAYBAR all you'd need in most circumstances is an IR-controller optical switch. Plug the TV into one input, and the optical output from the CD player into another. Most CD players have a digital output; if it's coax only and the switch can't also accept coax then just buy a coax-to-optical converter.


A further thought: You mention "the Sonos Connect input port". If you're referring to the optical port it's output only, and if the sales rep said you should wire a CD player to it they're guilty of even more heinous mis-information.