Using Sonos Connect for Line-In with Sonos 5.1

  • 23 November 2019
  • 2 replies

I’m looking to add a turntable to a current 5.1 Sonos system (Playbase, Sub, 2x Sonos One). I just need a line-in function, and I wouldn’t be using the output function on the Port, Amp, Connect:Amp, or Connect. Also, I frequently use the Airplay 2 with the current setup.


It seems the Connect could be the most cost effective option (buying a $399 Port just for a line in seems like overkill), but it seems there may be issues:


  1. Some forum posts indicate that the Connect doesn’t work with the Sub because it cannot judge the level of the 3rd party speakers to which it is connected. Could the Connect work with the Sub if there are no 3rd party speakers connected?
  2. Is there any risk that using the Connect in this way will disable the Airplay 2 functionality of the current system?


Very appreciative of this forum’s help.


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2 replies

The Sonos sub is ‘bonded’ in your current HT room so it is not relevant when you add the Connect to a separate room within your Sonos Household, your sub will behave as it does now and the line-in from the connect will just be a stereo music source that you can play to your HT room and it’s bonded surrounds.

The connect will not disable the current AirPlay capabilities of your existing system. 

Hope that answers your concerns.

1. That issue is not relevant here. There is no third party amp involved.  The Playbase will manage the Sub.

2. No reason for this to interfere that I can see.