Using Port question

  • 13 December 2020
  • 1 reply

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My Port is up and running and sounds fantastic. But I have a question. When I’m playing a vinyl, cassette or cd through Port I always have to group the rooms (TV Room) when I have to flip the vinyl or change to the cassette or CD player. In other words I have to go to my app and group my Port (TV Room2) to my TV Room/Garage/Bedroom/Move in order to here the music playing. It’s a little annoying I have to go to the app and group the Port every time. Is this normal?

1 reply

I think  if you look in the controller for the room that is the Port, you’ll find an option/switch that says ‘un-group on auto play’. Turn that off, and the grouped rooms should ‘stick’, at least until there is a software update or a loss of power.