Using Boost wirelessly

  • 3 December 2019
  • 3 replies


For a couple of years now, I’ve used the Bridge wirelessly because SONOS said it would extend the range of the SONOS players. I’ve received emails from SONOS urging a sweitch from the Bridge to the new Boost. All of the setup directions presume a wireless connection to the router, which I do not need. 

So, can Boost be used wirelessly (or after some kind of initial wired setup) to,uh, boost the signal? Or does it have to be wired to the router?


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3 replies

Hi.  It does exactly the same job as the Bridge.  (The Boost would have been more accurately named ‘Bridge gen 2’.)  And just to be clear, neither of them will do anything at all unless another Sonos component is wired to your network.  Even if another Sonos component is wired, the Bridge/Boost may or may not do anything in practice, depending on the other data paths available to the SonosNet mesh.  

So in terms of advice…. before buying a Boost, I would power off your Bridge, give the system a few minutes to reconfigure, and see if your system functions perfectly well without it.  If it does, save yourself the cost of a Boost.

(Incidentally, I have assumed your comment ‘All of the setup directions presume a wireless connection to the router’ should have read wired not wireless.) 


John B -- Yes, I did mean wired. Good advice. Thanks.