Using a Turntable with Sonos

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I have an audio-technica turntable with a built in pre amp hooked to my paired play 5’s. Regardless of input level the vocals are distorted and there is a humming noise in the background of the tracks. Any idea what I can do to fix this? Thanks!
I'm a new guy.
I have 2 play 5s and 2 play 1's that I want to replace my old Bose speakers and Pioneer receiver. I want to connect my turntable to the 5's/1's. I don't mind purchasing the Connect Amp if that's what it takes. However, there is no ground on the back of the Connect Amp. My turntable has the white and red RCA as well as the ground wire. Here's my question: Is there an option to ground the turntable if I'm using just the Connect Amp to connect the aforementioned Sonos speaker setup? Thanks for your time and consideration.
My turntable has the white and red RCA as well as the ground wire. Here's my question: Is there an option to ground the turntable if I'm using just the Connect Amp to connect the aforementioned Sonos speaker setup?
If you get the 5 there is no need to get the Connect Amp that also does not have a ground socket. Your TT almost certainly needs a phono pre amp to be connected between it and the 5, and this little amp should have the necessary ground socket.
Scanning message re getting a turntable hooked into Sonos but not seeing quite my configuration. I have a Play 5, sub and Playbar hooked up and working. I want to add in my turntable. I have a pre-amp for the record player and have plugged into the Play 5. Works fine. Thing is I want the record player in another room. Can I use the Connect with the record player in the other room for that or do I have to have the Connect:Amp. Too pricey. I don't have a receiver, just want to get the record player into the mix.

Anyone here who can share experiences with SONSO and a Technics 1200/1210? 

If you want the sound to also be in both rooms, and do not want to move the 5 unit around, you need a second speaker set there, with a line in jack. So that can be a Connect + Active speakers, or a Connect Amp + passive speakers, or another 5.
PS: If you don't want sound there, but just to relocate the TT, the Connect will suffice.
I don't want the sound in both rooms. I have the speakers set up with a TV so happy with that room. Just want the record player in another room playing through the TV room. I have been testing a Connect and thought it would bring the record player into the system enabling me to locate the record player away from the Play 5 but haven't been able to get it working.
Review all you have done with the first few posts on this thread, and revert if it still does not work. Connect should work.

Are you seeing and using the line in on the Connect as a music source in the app?
Have doubled back. I have my turntable RCAs into the preamp line in. From the pre-amp I have the RCA lines out into the converter and into the Play 5. Line in is available in the App, all good and works with good sound levels. I take the RCAs from the Play 5 and remove the converter and plug those RCAs into the Connect line in. No line in on the app is available. I haven't done any other setup procedure with the Connect. Just has power. I can use an ethernet between the Connect and the play 5 for direct internet rather than wireless. When I do so lights on back of connect are showing activity related to internet connection.
When I do so lights on back of connect are showing activity related to internet connection.
Have you added the Connect to the system? Via Manage on the computer controller app or via Settings on the phone app? If yes, are you seeing the Connect as a Room in the app? All else follows from these steps/indicators.
Thanks, got it working. I hadn't added the Connect to the system as I was fooled when Connect worked by plugging into the Play 5. Of course that is because it was directly wired into the Play 5 which was on the system. The app settings indicate Add Player of Sub so also got fooled by that as well. Tom Petty spinning fine now! Cheers
So I have turntable wired to a stereo receiver acting as a preamp, and a line out connection to the analog input on a Sonos connect, which allows me to play the turntable audio wirelessly on my Playbar. In both "fixed" and "variable" settings I can only control the audio volume in the Sonos app and on the volume rocker on the Playbar, but not the connect or the receiver.

Is there a way to control the volume from the receiver, or at least the Connect? I'm guessing that because I'm only using the preamp in the receiver that the volume knob won't work... Also, in this setup, what exactly is the difference between the "fixed" and "variable" setting?

Noob Question here. I'm assuming you have your TT routed to the phono input. Where are you running the connect through? Sp when you want to listen to your records what input do you select on your receiver, and can you listen to your music on the speakers you have connected to your receiver and say a playbar at the same time? Is there a lag?
Good afternoon all. I'm hoping someone might be able to give me some advice/assistance. Currently I have a playbar, sub and two play:1 (all in my living room). My girlfriend is moving into my flat and is bringing her record collection with her. She doesn't have a turntable or anything. We would like to be able to play her records through Sonos but I know at present I haven't got any input that allows it. I know a Play:5 would plug into a turntable but to be honest I am not sure where this would fit in my living room. Would it be possible/a good idea to have a connect or a connect amp and a half decent turntable hooked up to the existing setup? I really do not have a clue about these sorts of things. I bought a Sonos system without really thinking I would ever have an extensive record collection! Thanks in advance all.
Thanks both. Am I right in thinking that a separate phono pre-amp would be the more expensive option than a turntable with a built in pre-amp?
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Ok i have an onkyo 9050 intergrated amp... i use it for my turn table and cd player and have bose speakers which are wired to the amp. If i use the sonos connect by using the non volume controlled audio out on the amp to the sonos connect and then the sonos connect to two sonos play 1s... how do i ensure that the bose speakers and the play ones have no delay when i use the turn table or the cd player.
You cannot. The Sonos speakers will have a small delay that is there to ensure they are all in perfect sync with each other. This will matter only if they are in the same room.
Also, the amount of the delay will increase if you use compressed mode on the line in of the Connect.
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The bottom floor is a somewhat open concept... picture 3 squares in a row ...1st square is a living room.. 2nd square is the dining room...3rd is the kitchen..
. In the very center square, the dining room is the onkyo system.... in the kitchen is a play one and the living room is a play one...each one is 20 feet from The main onkyo system which has the bose speakers wired to the onkyo amp and the goal is to have a soft sound through out so im not shouting cause middle square pis loud...will i notice that delay when using the bose with the play ones... should i go directly to the connect from the turn table then back in from the connect to the remove delay? Maybe put in a sync delay adjuster ?
If i buy the Sonos PLAY:5 to play my Vinyl player via the line-in, can I connect other Sono speakers and the sonos sub to the network so the Vinyl player can play through more than one speaker at once? And additionally how would I then also connect the TV to this setup. The Vinyl player and Sonos PLAY:5 will be on my work desk, whereas all the other speaks will be in the sitting room, hope this isn't too convoluted. thanks

I've read the various comments about connecting a TT with pre-amp to a Play 5 via a line in. I wish to do this and group through all Sonos speakers in the room. Will I be able to switch seamlessly between Vinyl and streaming without having to unplug TT from play 5 and change settings in the app? 

should i go directly to the connect from the turn table then back in from the connect to the remove delay?
That should work just fine, if the Onkyo is a 2 channel amp. On AV receivers this can cause delay in the reverse direction because of their internal processing that can be defeated by using stereo or direct mode on them. But this is almost never an issue with stereo amps.
Now that Sonos supports Google Assistant, is it possible to stream a turntable to Google speakers as well as Sonos speakers?
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I am gonna hook it up just the audio out to see if the delay is bad... its only an intergrated amp for music only.... some threads on hete say thst type wont have a delay as long as i run it direct which is an option it has for turntables.... if not i will hook the turntable right to the connect... but now my cd play wont be able to be used due to the connect only has one input.
If you are going to wire the audio out on the amp to the Connect Line in, there will be a delay compared to the speakers wired to the amp. Set the Line In on Connect to uncompressed mode and if your network can sustain that without drops, the delay is in milliseconds and may be acceptable. But if you are forced to run compressed mode for the Line In, then it will all sound very out of sync.

If this does not work, there may be a way to connect the CDP and the TT to the Connect with a switching device to which the two sources are connected and can be switched via the device to its single output that will feed the Connect.
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I read that....thanks for your help... i will hate to get another switch...its like why have the onkyo...if i choose cd will there be a delay... the data is already digital... wouldnt the connect sence that and not take time to convert it?

I’m sure this is answered somewhere but I can’t find it. I have an Orbit U-turn turntable hooked up to a Play 5 that is paired in stereo. It sounds fantastic. But, I’ve also got a whole house full of other Sonos speakers. It seems if I group the Play 5’s with other speakers while playing vinyl the other speakers drop out frequently. I’m wondering if a Boost or Connect Amp would solve this issue and give me vinyl music throughout my house without interruption. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated!