Using a Turntable with Sonos

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Hello everyone!

Thanks a lot for all of your messages. 

I want to connect my mk2 technics turntable (without preamp) to my son's play 1s

I have been advice to buy a Sonos, I received it yesterday. 

I have a amplifier pioneer vsx921 for my TV, can I use this one to get music from turntable to my Sonos speakers?

What kinfof connections do I need to do on amplifier, and Sonos port?

I tried to simply connect mk2 on rca in of Sonos port and I can get sound on play 1 but the sound is very very very very low even if I put at maximum sound level... 

I am completely lost here :(

Can someone help me please? 

Thanks a lot and happy new year!


I've read the various comments about connecting a TT with pre-amp to a Play 5 via a line in. I wish to do this and group through all Sonos speakers in the room. Will I be able to switch seamlessly between Vinyl and streaming without having to unplug TT from play 5 and change settings in the app? 

Yes for not needing to remove the plug, but no, you’ll still need to switch from the line in to streaming in the app. It doesn’t happen automatically.