Using a single Sonos Connect with two different wifi networks

  • 18 November 2016
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My home has a good wifi system, to which I've recently added a new NAS drive. I have music stored on the NAS drive, and have successfully set up the system to stream to a Sonos Connect unit that I recently purchased. I'm delighted with the capabilities and qualities of this new streaming system.

I would like to set up a second wifi network, with its own NAS drive having a totally different collection of music. It would not be convenient for me to simply add a second NAS drive to the existing house wifi network, because my spouse uses an HP personal computer for her NAS drive and her choice of music, but I'd prefer to use my iMac with its own NAS drive and my own selection of music.

Question: I don't see any way in the Sonos controller app on my iPad to select between a choice of two different networks. The iPad app seems to be able to work only with the network with which it was originally set up.

So: can a single Sonos Connect select between two different networks? Or do I need to purchase a second Connect unit and set it up to function with the second network?


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3 replies

No, it can't select between two networks, but equally you don't need to setup an entirely new Wi-Fi network just to add a different NAS to your Mac. You'll still need to get another Connect if you want to ignore your wife's NAS though. Sonos can read from two different NAS st the same time but you can't switch between the two easily.
One possibility - although not perfect - would be to define the Sonos music library as both your and your spouse's music folders. Then in the Sonos music library you could use the Folders view to lok at your own music only. You would need to have your folders well organised by album within artist.

At least, I think that would work! It's clearly a bit limiting if it does.
The terminology is a little unhelpful. A single 'network' is what you usually have in your home, including wired and wireless segments. Adding a 'second wifi' would generally equate to adding a WiFi access point -- on the same network. (Adding a 'second wifi' which is not on the same network would involve a second router, and completely break everything in two: a prescription for frustration for most.)

Sonos units which are all seen from one controller comprise a 'household' (aka system). One can have more than one 'household' on a network. So in theory a second CONNECT (and its controllers) could be entirely independent of the first.

But all of this is surely unnecessary if what one wants is to separate two music collections. As The LHC says, a CONNECT can only be part of one 'household' at a time, but it can access more than one NAS. John B's suggestion is a viable one. Another possibility is to 'abuse' the GENRE tags. Use a tag editor to batch-update all the GENRE tags in one collection to 'His' and the other collection to 'Hers'. Then browsing via genre will result in a hierarchy of Genres -> 'His' -> (his artists) -> (albums).