Using a Connect with a Switch Instead of a Reciever

  • 8 January 2020
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For about a year I've had a pair of Play5 speakers and Connect connected to my Cambridge Audio Azure 551R receiver. Connected to my receiver is a Tivo, Apple TV, and a turntable. This setup has worked great for this past year, however I have since disconnected the other traditional speakers from the receiver and am now left with just the Play5’s. I am also now experiencing issues with sound when powering on the system which after some troubleshooting I've determined to be related to loose HDMI ports on the receiver. 

My question is since I am no longer powering anything could I not just replace the receiver with an HDMI switch? Something like the Octava UHD41?

If so could my turntable be connected directly to the Connect (I do have a preamp)? I also control all of my current system with a Harmony Companion remote. Would I be able to control volume of the Connect/Play5 grouping with it? 


Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

1 reply

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Hi nickbarnhiser

The Octava is an excellent choice. It was what I used when I had a lot of sources going into my Samsung Plasma TV which has since bit the dust. I now have two LG OLEDS and have split my sources between them and therfore no longer use the Octava (but it’s still in my entertainment cabinet). 

I assume you have a TV that you would send the video to via HDMI originating from your source components connected to the Octava.  Since the Play 5’s don’t have an optical input I again assume you would be sending audio to your TV via HDMI or are usng a 3rd party soundbar with optical input that would accept the optical output from the Octava. 

Your TT can be connected to the Play 5’s in stereo pair via the line-in of the left speaker. That would eliminate the Connect. You would still place the Pre-amp between the TT and the Play 5. Note: You could do the same with the Connect if that’s what you want.

Neither the Play 5 nor Connect can be controlled by a remote as they have neither an IR or RF reciever.

If you have more information to share regarding your proposed setup...please do. I get the feeling I’m missing something (i.e. component) :thinking: