Using a Connect:Amp with 8 wired speakers

  • 6 January 2019
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I have recently moved to a house that has 8 wired ceiling speakers (all 8 ohm) and would like to incorporate them into my Sonos set up. I bought a Connect:Amp, which allows me to use 4 of these speakers but I was wondering is there anyway I can get all 8 working off one Connect:Amp?

In other posts on this topic (e.g. I have seen mentions of "Impedance Matching Speaker Switches" though I am not sure if this will allow me to use all 8 speakers at once or just to switch which 4 are working at any one time.

Any advice that you could give me would be greatly appreciated, if you are referring to particular types of products (like the Impedance Matching Speaker Switches mentioned above) it would be great it you could also link examples. As a note I am UK based.

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2 replies

Option 1 - the minimum correct way would be to split the 8 into at least 2 zones and put 4 each on a Connect amp.
Option 2 - get a speaker splitter from Fry’s or any electronics store (that still sells them,) punch the speakers down left and right into multiple push button zones, with the in/output going to one connect amp. Don’t select more than 4 speakers at a time and you should be ok.
Try to hard wire to Ethernet on your connect amp for best results.
Something like this will allow you to wire two speakers into each of the outputs and fine tune volumes in the room. Then just connect the amp into it as an input.