Turntable & Sonos setup advice

  • 28 November 2020
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Hi, I would really appreciate some experienced guidance, please bear with me. I have recently inherited an outstanding vinyl collection. I want to integrate a turntable into my Sonos ecosystem and at the same time do full justice to the vinyl.

Primary question: Will a higher end turntable & preamp still sound noticeably better than a budget turntable once digitised and compressed by Sonos? Will a higher end turntable offer the same value through Sonos than a traditional wired setup?

For detail, I’m looking at buying either the more budget Rega P1 (£250) or the more expensive P3 (£600) turntable. I am also still undecided in which room to place the turntable. Either Room 1 with either a single Sonos five or, Sonos Port and a pair of Ones (the Ones would be in alcoves and we would listen from multiple positions so stereo is difficult to achieve). Or Room 2, through Sonos Port with existing beam/sub/play ones setup. 

On the other hand, should I consider Room 1 with Sonos Amp and some really good wired bookshelf speakers. This would achieve a fully analogue setup to fully appreciate the vinyl character in that room, with the option to also stream through the rest of the house’s Sonos eco system. 

Any feedback and guidance would be greatly appreciated. 



3 replies

In uncompressed (lossless) mode, the Line-in will be indistinguishable from the analog audio out on the turntable for all audible frequencies.  The audio “fact” that digitization will somehow deteriorate the analog signal is a myth, partially born from early recording engineers having little experience with digital recording, and partially born from audiophile nonsense.  ADC conversion chips are pennies a pound, and the math used (Nyquist/Shannon) is close to 100 years old, and pretty foolproof.

And just to add, using an Amp with two passive speakers will not be a "fully analogue setup".  The Sonos Line-in is digitized no matter what the configuration, even if it is only playing on a single device.  But as stated, the difference between digital and analog is moot anyways.

PJW23, how did you get on with this, wht route did you take as in the same dilema?