Turntable/Receiver with Connect Amp

  • 2 June 2017
  • 4 replies

Hi. I have a Dual CS 505-2 turntable connected to a Sansui 771 receiver that I would like to connect to my Sonos Connect:AMP and two Play:1s. I also want to connect the amp to my regular speakers and subwoofer. Do I need any additional equipment? How do I set it up? Thanks.

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4 replies

All easily done if the Sansui has line out jacks; wire these to the line in jacks on the Connect Amp. Wire the regular speakers and powered Sub to the respective terminals/jack on the Connect Amp.
Kumar - thank you. I don't see line out jacks. Thoughts?

Either of the two Tape record jacks - same functionality as line out. There may be a selector somewhere to make them operational, or there may not. See if you get sound after just wiring one pair to the Connect Amp line in and selecting the line in option from the Sonos app for the Connect Amp.
Also, if you have a phono preamp for the TT outside the receiver, and there is no other source connected to it, you can bypass it by wiring the preamp outputs to the line in on the Connect Amp, and make the receiver redundant.