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  • 1 January 2019
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I have a turntable, a phono preamp, and several Play 5s, Play 3s and Play 1s as well as Sonos Sub and Playbar throughout the house. When I connect from pre amp to Play 5 using line in, I can get it to play on most of my sosnos speakers. In my Living room where I have Playbar, Sub and 2 Play 1s as rear channels, only one of those play 1s have any sound. No Sub sound either...Which makes that room pretty weak on sound. When I switch back to any of the digital sources in the sonos app, they all sound great. Any ideas on how to get the sound out of all the speakers? Thanks in advance

6 replies

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Hi there, Mitchelldawg. Pumping lossless audio (compared to streaming audio) wirelessly across all speakers can put a tax on the network. Let's take a closer look by reproducing the behaviour you described and submit a diagnostic report. Be sure to reply here with the confirmation number and we can take a closer look at the connectivity between players.

Thank you for your response. I submitted a diagnostic report. The number is 1558272686. I did try it with a connect amp after the preamp from the turntable. Seemed to work a little better. please let me know if you see anything interesting in the diagnostic report. Thanks!
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Based on the diagnostic report it seems that nearly all of your Sonos devices are having a hard time talking to one another. While this could point to a wireless interference problem across the whole house, I typically like to work from the source of data (your Bridge) and work our way out to the other Sonos units.

That being said, the Bridge is dealing with a couple of problems whose results can echo through the rest of the Sonos system. Specifically, the Bridge is dealing with a fluctuating noise floor and physical electronic errors. Both of these errors tend to come up when the Bridge is physically nearby other electronic devices that either broadcast wireless communication or use a large amount of power (such as a home theater amplifier or receiver). Would you mind describing the area around the Bridge? Typically we are looking for about 6-8 inches of space between the Bridge and any of the previously mentioned devices.

Alternatively, whenever I run into a house with a decent amount of wireless interference to dodge, the more devices that can be plugged in - the better. This relieves Sonos from having to talk wirelessly when more nodes can communicate with the network over a physical connection. Feel free to give this a shot as well and let us know if things get any better.
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Hi Keith

I have a similar issue. TT with built-in Pre-Amp connected to Sonos Amp (room name is Sonos Amp) and no speakers connected to it. Auto Play are two Play 5's in stereo pair (room name is Family Room). No issue there when playing vinyl.

One level up I have a 2nd Sonos Amp (room name is Stereo) with 3rd party speakers and sub. Upon grouping the 2nd Sonos Amp with the Sonos Amp/Play 5's when playing vinyl the 2nd Sonos Amp will drop out occasionally. The second Sonos Amp is wired to my router albeit on a run of about 50ft.

Entire Sonos is in Boost mode
I have audio set to compressed
Left Play 5 of stereo pair is also wired to router
The dedicated Boost module is about 13 ft away from any electronic device.
I have a 2nd Boost module not in use at the moment

Diagnostic: 1889302322

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. [b]Cheers![/b]
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Sure thing, AJTrek. Happy to take a look.

When I look at the group, the Left Living Room player is acting as the group coordinator which then passes the signal to the Right Living Room player and the Stereo player. In this case, the Left Living Room player is dealing with a fluctuating noise floor, which in normal cases may not be a big deal until attempting to pass lossless audio through to the Stereo.

That being said, what devices are nearby the Left Family Room player? Specifically, we are looking for devices that broadcast signals making it harder for the Play:5 to remain at a level to communicate with other units. FWIW, the waves in noise seem to come by around every 5 minutes.
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@Keith N

Sorry for the late response. Thanks for taking a look at things. I did discover that some of the probelm lied with a battery backup that was causing alot of interference with the Left Family Room speaker and the sub. So I moved both to a Line Conditioner by swapng out a less sensitive component. I also changed the SonosNet Channel that gave some improvement as well. I'll check the SonosNet setting in a day or so. I'm also going to puchase another Line Conditioner. I don't have many options to move stuff around but the in checkinig etc things look a lot better. The Left Family Room speaker and sub are now in the green. I have a couple of Reds on my LR/RR surrounds but I'm hoping chaning to a Line Conditioner will help. Oh..the Master Bedroo changed from Red to yellow. Sweet!

Thanks again and I'll keep you posted. Cheers!


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