Turntable directly to Sonos

  • 14 March 2017
  • 3 replies

I hooked my turntable (with built in preamp) directly to the input on the back of the Sonos. I went to settings and adjusted the input volume to 10. I'd like to get more volume from the speakers. If I buy a simple amp, will this work? What specs should I look for? Thanks

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3 replies

Another amp isn't the answer, the problem needs more clarity. What Sonos unit have you connected the TT outputs to? Does the TT allow you to use both MC and MM cartridges? And how low is the sound when the volume of the speaker is set to high, compared to from other sources?
I have it connected to the Play 5 - which is networked with 8 other Sonos speakers. I'll have to check on the cartridge types. Sound is good - just not super loud -- Probably 60% of what I get from my iPod. Thanks
Also, since I rarely use the line in, what is the highest level you can set on it? Is it 10 or higher? It should be ok to go to the second highest level and still not get distortion, if i recall the guidance on setting these.

60 percent of what you get from other sources is low, and there has to be a way to do better.