Turntable autoplay via Sonos Amp

  • 14 January 2021
  • 4 replies

I have tried to set options on the app, so that when I play a vinyl, connected to my Sonos amp, and third part speakers, the volume diverts away from the tv to the turntable. I’ve not been able to achieve this?

Any help appreciated 


4 replies

It should work.

  1. Have you enabled Line-In Autoplay?
  2. Does the turntable have a phono preamp?
  3. Have you tried increasing the Line-In level setting?


  1. Yes
  2. I have a Marantz TT5005, with inbuilt pre amp
  3. I’ve also tried other level settings to no avail. 

I was having the same issue, got a Technics SL1210, into Preamp and into Sonos Amp, out to Play 1 abs One speakers. Autoplay wasn’t working - spoke on the chat, via email, and video examples of switching between streaming audio and then trying to use my turntable, Autoplay wasn’t working. after testing other line in sources to ensure Line In to see if Autoplay would work that way (if didn’t) I spoke with one of the Sonos advisors on the phone - we reduced the Line In Source Level from 10 down to 2 and Autoplay began working. We kept going until we got to Source Level 5 and Autoplay kept working. 

At the time (couple of weeks ago) I couldn’t even notice a difference in volume between streaming and Line In audio. However, I’ve just had to unplug my Amp and have now noticed volume is really low when going from streaming audio to my turntable’s audio. So not entirely sure what is happening how. 

In short, if the Source Level is too high, try dropping it down, close the app, reopen to check the settings have saved abs try again and see if Autoplay works. 


I have changed the level down from 10 through to 1.  To no avail. 
Bear in mind, I am trying to get Autoplay to work on the turntable while I’m watching tv (which is connected to the amp via hdmi arc. The only way I can get the turntable to work is by selecting the turntable via input services.