• 1 September 2022
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I am interested in purchasing a turntable.  I currently have a sonos sound system.  What is required with a sonos turntable?  Does it connect via wi-fi?  


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Technically not a Sonos turntable, it’s just another brand Sonos sells on their website.  Regardless, you would need a Sonos device that has an aux amp, five, or port. The turntable would be wired to the Sonos device.

If you get a different turntable, you may need a preamp as well.  If you get a turntable with bluetooth output, then you may want to get a Roam to connect it to Sonos.

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As Danny says above, any turntable will work connected to a device with a line in. I have an older Project turntable which used to be hooked up to an old 80’s wired system. When I got into Sonos I hooked it up to a pair of Fives and ditched the old system. To my ears it sounds as good if not better. I had to get a small pre amp which sits behind one of the Fives, out of the way. 
as for Wi-Fi, you can group the ‘vinyl’ speakers with other rooms and listen to your vinyl on any Sonos speaker you may have. You just need the one device with the line in to hook the turntable up to.  I’m actually listening to a record now on my Fives and I love it!

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