Turning off the "Special Offers" - thinking of leaving Sonos...

  • 2 December 2016
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Hi, does anyone now how to turn off the "Special Offers" that have just appeared in the recent app upgrade? It is really annoying and, coupled with the lack of hi res support means I am looking to move to another system. I was going to get two more Sonos units, but that looks less likely now.

I know you can disable 'Notifications' in the advanced menu, but it disables some of the volume controls for no good reason than other to annoy customers.

Any help appreciated!


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12 replies

Yes, look here:
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I must have mine turned off as I have never seen
I've turned them off myself but would actually like to receive emails from Sonos, even marketing mail. Do they have the system backwards, wtf does in app notify have to do with email? Seems messed up.
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ah I do see it now in mine - that is a first

I don't have email special offers turned off (from another thread there is no way to turn off in app offers without turning off email offers). Said they are checking into separating the 2 options.
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was easy enough to click remove at bottom of savings offer. Not like they pop up regularly.
Why is this not a separate in app setting? Wtf Sonos, such a minor thing but customers get really pissed off over crap like this.
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Why is this not a separate in app setting? Wtf Sonos, such a minor thing but customers get really pissed off over crap like this.
Because at the moment, the setting for in-app "notifications" also ties to receiving emails for these kinds of things. The only way to turn off emails from Sonos is through your Sonos profile.

Why they didn't offer a separate setting for in-app "notifications" is beyond me, though I've expressed my desire to have a separate setting (at least in the Sonos profile) so I can still receive emails from Sonos.
@mikev I know it is tied to the email setting, which to me seems half baked _ I didn't think Sonos did things half assed, I'm surprised. But before anyone loses their shit I realize this is a very minor thing.
I blame InSided.

(And less anyone thinks I'm kidding. I assure you, I'm not.) 😃
Thanks everyone. It does seem a simple thing to change but I sect the marketing arm of SunOS got carried away. Existing customers are supposed to be easier sales targets, but not if they keep annoying them! I must admit with this approach I will gradually replace my system with Bluesound or alternative. I have had Sonos since the beginning.

I have shut off all the email preferences and will see if it does the job.

Cheers, Phil
Another worrysome sign that the Marketing folks are getting ever more powerful within Sonos. Sigh.
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I don't like advertisements, but this seems like a very small hint to buy more SONOS. I sure don't see this as interfering with my use of the product. If this helps sell more devices, great. As a previous, happy Squeezebox user, I will say that the number 1 thing I want from SONOS is for them to stay in business. And they can only do that by selling.