trying to add Roam to existing system

  • 3 April 2022
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Well I’ve spent my entire Saturday trying to add a Roam to my system. I was using the S1 app because I have an older Sonos5. I don’t want to upgrade my 5 because it still works beautifully for sound. So I removed the 5 and then opened a new account on the new APP. I tried signing in with my existing account but it didn’t recognize my password which made me think I should leave my old account as is, and I’ll use that as the APP for my 5. I signed out of S1 and tried signing into the new APP. Of course my password didn’t work so I hit the Change Password link and it asked for my email. It said it sent an email to change password. Nothing in email. Try again. Nothing I’m email. I went to the old S1 App and hit the change password link. I got an email with password change link. Change password. Go to the new APP to log in. Doesn’t recognize password. So I go through this about six times and bottom line is, I can’t log in to new APP. I GIVE UP! What a waste of a day and I still can’t get the ROAM added to the system but at least I can’t use my 5 anymore. 


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5 replies

Hah! 10 minutes after posting this it now works! I went through the password change again and was finally able to login and set up my system. I have two SONOS 1- a Playbar and now the Roam. And I’ll have my 5 on S1. FYI I bought the 5 and a Bridge about 15 years ago and it still sounds fantastic. That’s why I’m hesitant to do the Buy back where I get about $150 from Sonos to buy a new 5. Also this Roam sounds very good and I’ll be able to take it outside with me. I’m one of those people that has music on about 23 hours a day and I do love the Sonos system. 

That's a good, positive view. Just to make sure you have a correct view of your options:

It isn't a Buy Back scheme. You can get a 30% discount on a Five, but you keep the Play:5.

I agree that the gen 1 Play:5 is a great sounding speaker, but the Five is significantly better.  It's worth considering.

I’ve had a couple of issues but all of my making. I got the roam working with the wireless charger. It’s now grouped with my two ONE’s and PLAYBAR. I got the old FIVE working on the S1 app and I added Amazon music to it which I wasn’t using. So it’s good. The ROAM and 5 are both in my bedroom so it’s good enough. But I have the Playbar and two ONE’s in my living room so I think my next acquisition will be the one that looks like a big square with a hole in the middle. A bass unit I think. Thanks for your input. 

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Sonos calls the “big square with a hole in the middle"  the Sub.

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I agree that the gen 1 Play:5 is a great sounding speaker, but the Five is significantly better.  It's worth considering.

The Five doesn’t have the handy handle in the back, unlike the Play:5. Its a lot more awkward to move as its bigger and heavier than the old model. Yeah I know, who moves their Five regularly? Um, me. Don’t ask.