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I reset my Sonos system to resolve some playback issues and now I can't get Line In on my Sonos Connect to work. When I play a CD on my stereo I want it to play on all my Sonos speakers when I choose Line In. I have the Rec Out (fixed) ports on my Parasound Halo Integrated connected to the Analog Audio In ports (RCA) on the Sonos Connect. In the Sonos Android app, I select Browse > Line In > Audio Component: Living Room (the Sonos Connect), then select Play Now. But I hear nothing on the Sonos speakers. (All speakers are in one group.)

I have Autoplay set to none, because I only want to broadcast to other Sonos speakers in my house when I choose Line In as a source on the Sonos Connect, not all the time.

How can I troubleshoot this?


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Factory reset rarely cures a fundamental issue, but it may accidentally work around something -- for a while. What issue were you attempting to resolve?

Check to make sure that you are using Line-In on the CONNECT. It can be dark back there and it’s easy to mix up IN and OUT (been there done that).

Also, if you are using a digital output from the CD player, check to make sure that the Halo will convert a digital input to analog for the benefit of REC OUT.

Moderator Note: FAQ Link using Line-in

Thanks Buzz. I've confirmed that I am going into the line in on the Sonos connect. Also, the connection from the CD player to the amp is RCA as is the rec out to the Sonos connect.

I don't think the reset is really relevant to my problem, but I mentioned it because formerly the line in on the Sonos Connect worked just fine. The issue was I was getting a lot of  stuttering  when trying to play songs on Spotify. What solved that issue was setting everything on my Wi-Fi network to fixed IP. Everything is now on Wi-Fi; no Sonos device is connected to ethernet.

It looks like someone marked this as answered but my reply didn’t indicate it was resolved. I’ve also gone through the FAQ Link using Line-in supplied by the moderator. None of the settings has had any effect so I’ve set them all back to default. Is there an actual troubleshooting guide for this?

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@dalechampia Thank you for bringing your concerns to us here in the Sonos Community. We have corrected the marked Best Answer check mark as you mention your issue is not resolved. Since you have done the factory reset of your Sonos product(s) we do not have a history of diagnostic reports to look through. Please provide us an up to date diagnostic report number when this issue is happening. Also, while re-creating this please confirm for us if you can play a music service and group them in the Sonos app to your Connect. Lastly, sometimes a check of the RCA cable connections helps correct/confirm proper connections with the CD Player, receiver and Connect.

After this testing and seeing a diagnostic report we could next attempt a loop-back test with your Connect for the line-in.