Trade Sonos playbase for playbar?

  • 17 September 2018
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Hello Sonos universe - I bought a playbase a few months ago. Love the sound, quality and design. Only problem is that I moved 2 weeks ago and the new room layout is making it a real challenge to keep the playbase. The playbar now makes a lot more sense from a space perspective, so I am wondering if there may be any opportunity to trade units if someone is in a similar but opposite scenario. I know its a long shot but looking at what options are out there. Thank you!

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13 replies

I have a black playbar in the Seattle area if anyone is still interested in trading their playbase. Please DM if interested.

In the same boat, have a Playbase that does not fit well under our new TV. Please DM if you have a bar

Anyone interested in trading a black Playbase (purchased in 4/2018) for a black Playbar? Our new TV does not fit well on top of the Playbase.
Anybody still interested in a trade: black playbase (purchased in 3/2018) for playbar?
kelwanni (or anyone), Are you still iinterested in trading your black Playbase for a black Playbar? I bought my Playbar in 2016, right before Sonos came out with the Playbase. A Playbase is much more in keeping with how I want to amplify my TV.
Purchased a black Playbase in December 2017, but, like OP, I moved and all my TVs are mounted. I'm interested in trading my black Playbase for a Playbar.
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Yes edned10, I have a playbar. I sent you a private message.
Anyone still up for a trade? I have a black Playbase.
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I’d be interested in trading a black Playbar for a playbase as well if anyone is interested.
Did you make the trade? I'd be down to trade. I have a black play bar.
email me at
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Hi Jazzandfunk, perhaps the unit is still up for grabs, but regarding the IR, the Playbar has an IR receiver and repeater in the back. So even if it's blocking the IR sensor, it shouldn't matter as long as the repeater is able to hit the sensor. Have you configured the Playbar to use the remote control in the Room Settings?
I would be interested in a trade if you haven't done so yet. My problem is that my playbar block my T.V's I.R.
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Hi, sclemson84. Hopefully this thread bump will be of some use to you and you'll find someone willing to make this trade. Best of luck.