Top 5 Sonos feature requests

  • 17 November 2008
  • 146 replies

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146 replies

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If you have linked zones and are changing volume then the wheel does switch between then, but the centre button still clears the view.
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1. external control (i know this belongs in the ir thread)

2. a zone player for more than 1 room, ie zone player with 2 outputs (not like the zp100 which has speaker and analog outs but only one work at a time) all my audio is homerun and would like a player that could power multiple rooms without stacking 4 or more players

3. inwall controller or even an inwall cradle (actually mounts flush to the wall instead of on the wall like now.) would be even better if could be power over ethernet and had built-in zone bridge. for 100k or more track (some folks have extensive collections)

5. static ip addresses. for those of us with large residental networks.
I know that this has been mentioned before, but more configurability of the alarm function would be great -

In particular, the ability to configure the alarm differently for different days of the week (not just weekends or weekdays).
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1) More tags showing on the controller ie. artist & composer.
2) Lyrics - when lyrics are available in multiple languages the translated language parallel next to the original.
3) Organize favorite radio stations
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I would rather have a Windows Mobile (6) version of the desktop controller software as opposed to iphone software.
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I would rather have a Windows Mobile (6) version of the desktop controller software as opposed to iphone software.

Hell yeah - I'll add my vote for that one.
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1) IR control. I realize this means new controller. The IR controller doesn't need buttons or screen. The buttons are on the supplied IR remote, the screen is replaced by a video out jack.

2) The boombox (with a disk, so I can take it to beach, friend's house etc)

3,4,5,6,7,8) support (most important for me, and no need to build new hardware)

(For the last item, they'll say that for legal reasons, it is only available to 1% of the world's countries. I know the law here, and if it ok to stream to a PC, it is ok to stream to Sonos. I don't know what is the real reason, but it is NOT what they are saying.)
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Hell yeah - I'll add my vote for that one.

Isn't Windows Mobile 6.1 available (totally unsupported) via VersaGroup software or whatever it's called? I don't own such a device, I don't intend to, but have heard it does good stuff.
(For the last item, they'll say that for legal reasons, it is only available to 1% of the world's countries. I know the law here, and if it ok to stream to a PC, it is ok to stream to Sonos. I don't know what is the real reason, but it is NOT what they are saying.)

In case you haven't noticed, you have a reply in the other thread, from a Sonos employee, who took the time to answer your question (even though forum policy states he doesn't have to). Given that response, do you think it's good form to call someone a liar in a public posting, while simultaneously asking them to provide you with support for your desired music source?
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I'm sorry about that, and it didn't came out as I intended. Sonos is of course telling the truth, they can't do anything that doesn't allow. cannot be right saying they can stream to my PC but not to Sonos. It might be that this is true in many countries, and they simply make a broad statement. It may be that small countries will be excluded for ever, it might never be worth the effort to hire a lawyer that knows the law in each country.
Certainly, licensing issues with respect to Last.FM is a worthy topic, but let us keep this thread on topic -- feature requests.

Feel free to start a new thread.

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Thought I'd do a quick count up. I expect someone has done this already, but by my reckoning, this are the top 5 requests based on the posts in this thread to date.

1st - Virtual Zones (16 votes)
Joint 2nd - Smart Playlists (13 votes)
Joint 2nd - PC As A Zone (13 votes)
4th - New "Compact Touchscreen" Controller (12 votes)
5th - More Track Info / Metadata (9 votes)

Interestingly, Virtual Zones was also the most frequently defined 1st choice.

Just my view on whats been suggested - I've had to take some liberties in categorising requests!

I know... Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics.... :)

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I definitely agree with the need for some sort of multiple-account feature for and Pandora (ideally a log-in/log-out type feature).

However, there's one relatively small tweak that would be really helpful, and I don't think anyone has mentioned: when clearing the queue, if a track is currently playing, don't clear that track. Alternatively, add a "Clear all except current track" menu item.

I build a queue, let it play (on shuffle) for a while, and then build another queue when it's nearly finished. The current implementation stops all music between the time the old queue is cleared and a new playlist is started.
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1) Full Replay Gain, ie Album & Track accross all formats (flac/mp3/AAC etc)
2) Album Shuffle
...that's it......
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Big #1. controller that is a IR learning remote, so I can run the rest of my gear! I really hate having to use two remotes..

#2. 24/96 high rez support..

#3. A high end Zone Player.. sort of a Sonos Transporter..
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I would imagine both of these requests have been mentionned before:

1. External amp trigger
2. Global search option to include library as well as music services.
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I would like to see smart playlists - something similar to apple genius. Maybe using

That would be a good feature to have.

The current ones with foobar and are good but now a little dated.
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A custom startpage with direct links to favorite:
- radiostations
- playlists
- albums
- artists
- etc

Now one has to flip up and down the menu tree endlesley...

This start page can be administered manually or built automatically based on most (recent) selections.
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Here's my two cents:

1. Handheld needs to do a better job of handling lots of zones (I have more than 10). Showing only 4 at a time is a hassle. Virtual zones might help, but I would really like to see a "use small icons" sort of mode, so that at least 8 zones can be seen at once.

2. It would be nice for virtual zones to wisely handle outdoor speakers. I have 3 outdoor zones, and I have created my own pseudo-virtual-zone by naming these zones "Z-Pool", "Z-Patio", "Z-Deck". This keeps them grouped in the list of zones, and keeps them "last" due to the "Z" prefix. But I worry that one night, someone will crank tunes and have an outdoor zone blasting. It would be nice to be able to have provide some sort of "special handling" for certain virtual zones. For example, perhaps a special set of icons could indicate if any players attached to certain virtual zones were playing music. This would allow a special indicator to appear if, for example, any music was playing outside.

The general idea is to make it easy to avoid blasting music outside. This is a real-world issue.

3. Minor UI nit: if you only have one album for an artist, it seems clunky to present two groups (one for "All", and the other for the one album you have). I realize that the list of tracks under "All" is sorted alphabetically, but does anyone really need a sorted by alpha list if you only have the one album? Perhaps this could/should be an option: "Hide the 'All' list if all tracks are in a single album." Showing tracks under the single album would be simple, clean, and take less space.

Thanks for your consideration.

By the way: if the guy at Sonos (head of product development?) that got the vudu for Christmas from his female friend in Atlanta is reading this, you can thank me for giving your friend the idea. I hope you like it 🙂
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My biggest personal desire must be really personal as I don't see a lot of requests for it here.

1) Listen to music in the order it was added to the collection. To be able to listen to the latest additions automatically.

I do this with my Squeezeboxes over half the house. But still can't do it with my, much more expensive, Sonos systems.

2) Last.FM: Scrobbling is nice and has built up my online collection/library nicely. But we're less than halfway there. The ability to listen to Last.FM, like I can on my iPhone/Touch, is what makes Last.FM useful. Being able to use my Sonos to discover new music, through Last.FM, makes it all that more useful.

I can do this as well with my Squeezeboxes but not with my Sonos.

I'm still waiting for my Sonos to catch up with my Squeezeboxes in terms of functionality.
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As we've now had a new release, any many of the requests have been fulfilled, can a mod now please lock this thread.

We can create a new one going forward.

Thread closed as requested - Keith