Time delay before line in is on standby again.

  • 5 October 2017
  • 3 replies

When i use the external source on my connect, it can be configured to auto play on one or more units and with a specific volume. And this is a really great feature...
But the time delay from where there are no input from the external source to the connect. To it thinks that it´s never coming back again is approx 10 seconds... and this delay would, in at least my case, be super if I could adjust this to 1 minute or more.

why? When using my turntable from the living room where the connect is and listening to the music in the kitchen. I need to change the record from time to time, it takes more then the default delay, before the next record is on. And then the connect starts plying from my living room instead of just continue in the kitchen...

I hope this fairly simple request will be implemented in an upcoming update for the slow one´s like me...

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3 replies

Having the same problem. I'm using my Play:5 for TV sound, and if there's a silent moment in a movie, the speakers jump into standby.. Then they can talk for five seconds, before my speakers wake up again.. Really anoying..
I am 99% sure that the delay was added in a few updates ago and i was happy!... But now we are back to that i need to change record in less that 10 seconds, so now, not that happy! please add this delay again! thanks!
And if it could be an option. So we can adjust the delay it would be even better!...