The new Sonos Amp compatibility with turntables (pre-amp or not)

  • 1 November 2018
  • 6 replies

I have recently bought a turntable (Rega planar 1), which doesn't have a pre-amp built in. When using an amp (300W), the music sounds overly quiet and squeaky, but just overall cold. Certainly not getting that warm analogue quality.

Through out this forum, i've seen posts saying that I should have a pre-amp if my turntable doesn't already have one built in, especially when using a Sonos Connect or Conntect:Amp. Would I still need a pre-amp if I acquire the new Sonos Amp?

Best answer by jgatie 1 November 2018, 01:01

Yrs. No Sonos products have a phono input, so you will need a phono preamp.
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6 replies

Yrs. No Sonos products have a phono input, so you will need a phono preamp.
Thanks jgatie!
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The phono preamp is not just a preamp, the two different types of cartridge, moving magnet and moving coil, require different amplification so it must first accommodate that. Then there is the issue that the output of a cartridge while playing a record is not a signal you'd want to listen to, it needs to be sent through an equalizer to convert it into a listenable signal that can then be amplified and listened to.

RIAA and the reasons for it:
Yes, thank you Stanley. I have found a MM pre-amp that also accommodates for RIAA. Would I still be better of with an EQ aswell or would the pre-amp do the trick?
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Congrats on your Rega Planar 1. I still spin disks on mine which I purchased in 1984. I use a Phono Preamp from TCC with RIAA equalization connected direct into my sonos line in. Works Fine. If the internal sonos tone control adjustment is not adequate you can add an equalizer between the preamp and sonos line.
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The RIAA equalizer in your unit will do all that is needed.


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