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  • 30 October 2019
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I am a complete newbie so apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.


i have setup a new room with Playbar, sub and two ones as surround speakers. But I have a requirement to use AirPlay to play some music from various mac products.


the problem is that only the ones are Airplay compatible. If I remove the ones from the room and set them up in a separate room then I can airplay to them as a stereo pair and play through the Playbar and sub as a different room. But this is a pretty lengthy process.


my question is, is there an easy way to disengage the ones from being the surround speakers so that I can just press a single button to disengage them and appoint them as a separate stereo pair? 

Thanks in advance. 

4 replies

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Unfortunately, there isn’t a easy to reconfigure the Ones as a separate room and back again.  


One alternative may be to purchase a speaker to setup as a 3rd room.  You can airplay to that speaker and ten group it with your home theatre setup.  The cheapest airplay compatible speaker at the moment is the ikea bookshelf speaker for $100.

Same Here. There's no quick way to disconnect the surrounds yet. I think the ,aim reason for this is that everytime to add or substract the Surrounds, they playbar has to set itself to a 3.1 and  to 5.1 system. This means that the way the audio is sent through the speakers shifts everytime something changes. 

Thanks for that, maybe looks like buying a wee ikea speaker is the answer. Cheers

Well, the lamps could be a fantastic option!