Surround Sound using Connect and Playbar?

I have a Connect in my living room -- where the TV. The Connect is plugged into my amplifier, which also runs home theater. I never use the home theater configuration, though, because it's too much of a hassle to mess around with the amplifier. So I'm thinking: If I buy the Playbar, I can use it for the front speakers and get better sound. Can I get surround sound by grouping the Playbar with the Connect, which is hooked up to the amplifier, which is connected to a subwoofer and the two back surround speakers?

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The only Sonos units that the Playbar can pair with for 5.1 surround sound are the Play:3 speakers and the Sub. You can GROUP the Playbar and Connect, but you won't get surround sound. You'll get stereo sound from the Connect in addition to the audio from the Playbar.
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mike I want to add to this if I can, I had tried this to group a zone to the playbar, but found the Audio wasn't in Sync with each other? 


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