SUB with neighbours

  • 29 October 2016
  • 2 replies

I live in a semi detached bungalow. Would a Sub be worth getting bearing in mind the room being next to neighbours ?

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2 replies

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Personally I never bothered with a sub with normal hifi speakers, but for 5.1 surround sound to accompany a movie a sub is essential, it even has it's own special soundtrack. A sub can be placed anywhere as the sound is non-directional and is more felt as a vibration, so away from shared walls would be good.
Depends on what you will use it for. Movies with lots of effects, or music with thumping beats played loudly will be a disturbance. But if you want to add a necessary foundation to allow music like jazz to sound a lot better played at moderate and low volumes, the Sub will work very well without that downside.