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  • 13 June 2019
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I've just bought a sonos beam for my living room. Here , there is already a play5 with a sub. I' d like to use beam+sub for movies and play5 +sub for music but it seems there is no way to share the sub. Is this possible?
Is there another way to play all the components toghether or ,a t least, a way not to sgo everytime in settings to create a group (play5+sub, or beam+sub).I'm a bit disappointed beacasue it seems like i have a sub for every group even if all the components stay in the same room.
Thank you for your help

Alberto, italy

2 replies

Not currently. There have been many requests for this functionality, but no indication from Sonos as to whether they will consider it. Just the standard “ we will pass on the request to the team”.
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It’s just ridiculous this still isn’t possible. This is about the most obvious use you would have for a sub (a very expensive sub), and it’s supposedly even Sub v2. Why is this not a thing that works in late 2019...nearly 8 years after the Sub was introduced?