Sub drivers glue failure

  • 28 October 2016
  • 7 replies

I reciently bought a non functioning sub off ebay. Since it was out of warranty i opened it up to see what was wrong. One of the woofers was crunchy when moving the cone. The unit was made in 2013 acording to a sticker inside. Anyway there is onvious glue failure on both woofers where the voice coil attaches to the cone collar. The whiteish glue bond is broken. Is this a poor choice of glue? Can the drivers be repaired? Can i get replacement drivers? I have photos of the bond failure.

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7 replies

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I would call Sonos to see if there are any parts available. Normally I haven't heard of Sonos providing parts - normally just an exchange at a discounted price from retail.
It's the first time I've heard of such a mechanical failure in a SUB driver. In theory the driver should cope with whatever its matched amp can throw at it, but maybe someone was abusing it.

I think the best you can hope for from Sonos is a discounted exchange offer for the entire unit. AFAIK they simply don't supply parts for DIY repairs.
I would have thought next to no chance of Sonos offering a discounted replacement on a unit that was purchased in a failed condition.
I understand, of course, that the OP was not asking for that.
Ok. So i have used epoxy to re attach the cone to the voice coil. Should be back together tomorrow. Will post again.
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It's the first time I've heard of such a mechanical failure in a SUB driver..
how would anybody ever know? owner would just trade busted unit for a discounted new one.......sonos in-house repair shop might know, if there is such a thing?
how would anybody ever know?
A misaligned or detached voicecoil should be noticeable if the cone is depressed, as indeed was reported by the OP. But I grant you that most users wouldn't know the detail and report it here.
Ok. All is working fine. You will need a heat gun to get the two trim rings off, a tube of blue loctite, silicon glue for reassembly, and i found epoxy with a syringe type end to reach where the voice coil had detached. This all takes some tome as there are lots of bolts and screws and complete disassembly is needed to get the woofers out. Cheers