Sub amp not working.

  • 8 January 2017
  • 3 replies

Tried all the support techs suggests, no static amber light so I believe the amp is ok but not getting music from speakers in two rooms it is connected to.

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3 replies

I'd submit a diagnostic and post the number here in this thread, and either call in for support, or wait for a rep to answer here.
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I'm not sure I understand your comment... or question... at all.

You have a SUB? Has it ever worked? You can't get it to work? Or you can't get it to work, but has worked for some time? A solid amber light would be overheating... see this list:

...but you are not seeing this light? So what ARE you seeing??

...also, a SUB can't be connected to two rooms.... (I'm pretty sure at least...) you need to bond a SUB to a single room / other Sonos speaker product(s)... so what have you connected it with?

perhaps a few more details will help people help you.
Thank you for the reply and support. I was having trouble with the sub working at all, although I had gone through all the steps provided on the tech support page. Had been working for several years, no issues, not changes. All lights showing sound should be coming out. Rest of system components working as expected.

End of story though, as the sub is working again. Had cable company do some unrelated work in the same area with the modem, and the sub works. For now anyhow.