Stream from Amp (or Port) to Arc

  • 20 March 2021
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From Amp / Port to Arc:

Can the Arc play music from analog devices connected to Sonos Amp or Sonos Port? I have a CD player and a turntable which I would like to listen to using the Arc. Is it possible to connect them to Port or Amp and stream the music to the Arc speakers or do I need to get an additional speakers? 

From Arc to Amp / Port:

Can input from the TV going to Arc be streamed to Amp or Port and played over the wired speaker connected to them?


1 reply

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Yes, you can stream music from a CD player or turntable connected to a Port or Amp to the Arc without any additional speakers.

Yes, the audio from the TV connected to the Arc can be streamed to speakers that are wired to a Port or Amp. NOTE: You will experience a slight audio delay from the wired speakers when listening to TV audio but not music audio.