Stereo Pairing Play 1 and 3

  • 3 January 2017
  • 4 replies

will a paired play 3 and play 1 produce left and right channel stereo effects?

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4 replies

No. You cannot pair different models. The sound differences are too much to be accoustically compatible as pairs. You need two of the same model/generation.
Thanks for the response. I suspected this to be the case, I bought two 1's and they sound great together. I was thinking the addition of a 3 would be even better.
That depends on what you are missing - for instance in a large room, adding another play unit in another part of the room and grouping it with the stereo paired 1 units will allow music to fill the space without it sounding too loud in a part of it.
Just to reinforce what Kumar is suggesting, I do much the same thing, having a pair of Play:3s in my bedroom grouped with a Play:1 in the bathroom, and it works incredibly well. Took a while to get the right volume settings, so that I could hear it over the shower, and still get appropriate separation in the bedroom, but it's just outstanding, and the synchronization is what these speakers were designed for.