Starting from scratch

  • 11 November 2016
  • 2 replies


My father in law handed me a massive box of CD's and gave me instructions to replace his old cd based music system in his holiday house.

He's old as is his partner. Neither use a mobile phone. Neither have a computer of any sort based in the holiday house.

I have no clue where to start.

Can anyone suggest a set up for me? How do I get the CD's into the cloud and then back into a Sonos system?

I'm thinking of providing a tablet to them that would be their entry into the system.

I'd love the help..

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2 replies

Unless cloud access is very reliable, I would rip the CDs to a NAS, like the WD My Cloud, using the 80/20 principle to prioritise the ripping task: more than 80% of the time, less the 20% of the CDs are in use in almost every case, and you will need him to do that little task for you, identifying the less than 20% of the collection heard most of the time.

And then depending on the need for genuine stereo - a play 1 pair - otherwise a play 5 unit. If budget allows, a 5 pair for excellent sound quality.

But the house would need to have a WiFi and a router that is the base station for it. The first set up of the router and Sonos there would be easiest via a computer, a one time need.

Give them something like an Apple Music subscription, show them how easy it is to use with a tablet, and you may not even need to rip the remaining CDs; the over 80% of the collection that sees little use.
+1 great advice from @Kumar. To see if this thing is going to work for them before you invest lots of money and time, I would start with just one speaker, the tablet as you proposed, for control, and a free trial subscription to a streaming service like Apple Music or Google Play Music. The vast majority of your father's albums will probably be available on there anyway, as @Kumar implied. Once you have got the hang of things yourself, you can even put his favourite albums in the Sonos Favourites list, so that he can find them easily. Once your father is comfortable with that, you can reassess needs. Depending on how it goes, and how many CDs are involved, you may or may not need that NAS.

Good luck and please come back on here if you have any further questions.