Speakers not working w tv

  • 12 November 2016
  • 1 reply

My speakers aren't working with my tv. They worked until the tv was disconnected for a remodel. The Playbar is connected to the tv. Help please!

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1 reply


There are 2 possibilities. First, the cable that runs between your Playbar and TV may have been crimped and is no longer sending the signal through properly. The other is that the optical port on your TV got switched off or the format it is sending out changed.

So I would try 2 things. First, audio settings on your TV to make sure it's still set up properly. This is free. You want to be sure its set up to be Dolby digital, or stereo. Secondly, you could buy a new optical cable to try. I wouldn't spend a ton of money, either it will work, or it won't. The more expensive ones don't work better than the cheaper ones.

Best of luck!