"Sorry, can't connect to Sonos"

  • 20 November 2016
  • 1 reply

I continue to receive this error message on my iPad, iPhone, & iMac. My Sonos Connect is < a year old. I have contacted support via phone & email multiple times following all instruction given, yet the problem is not corrected. Email support is slow to respond. Searching online, I see that many users have had the same problem, but I have not found any published resolutions. Should I reset my Sonos Connect? That's the only thing I have not tried.

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1 reply

Without more to go on no-one here can assist.

How is the CONNECT attached to the network? Standard Setup (WiFi) or BOOST Setup (SonosNet)? Is it the only Sonos component?
Is the iMac wired or wireless?
What is your router? Does it have dual bands? Does it have a Guest network?
Have you confirmed that your iDevices are attached to the correct network?

Have you tried a simple reboot of all the devices on your network, in case you have a straightforward IP address conflict?