Sonos with a multi channel amp

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Has anyone tried this or do you see any problems with this set up? I was considering a couple of zone players hooked up to 12 channel amps with wall mounted volume controls in each room. I really only need one source per floor. With this setup I could control volume with the sonos controller or just turn the volume effectively off in the rooms I don't need. Any thoughts.


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It all depends on how cooperative everyone is in your house. There aren't any technical issues.

Both the SONOS and the rooms' volume controls will be active. The current holder(s) of the SONOS controller(s) will be the surpreme controller(s).

We are not responsible for any "controler rage" incidents.
Just a convenience point.

In order to turn off the sound in rooms you don't want you will have to walk around your house to each of these rooms and manually turn down the volume in those rooms.

If this is acceptable, then I don't see any problem with it.




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