Sonos w/Sony STR-ZA1000ES- results spotty to poor

  • 7 November 2016
  • 2 replies

Is anyone else having trouble using Sony's new "Music Connect" feature with a Sonos Connect (ZP90)? I've found that when I utilize Sony's built in switch to distribute network to my components (including Connect), I get no response about 90% of the time. Sonos streams fine but Music Connect input switching fails to work entirely.
When I run LAN to an unmanaged switch and THEN to my components, my Music Connect success rate leaps up to about 20%. Still around 75-80% failure rate.
Unless I'm overlooking something, this Sony feature kinda ...stinks.
Am I alone here?

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2 replies

I have seen the same sort of inconsistent behavior. I am running 2 Sony STR-ZA3000ES units at 2 different firmware levels trying to zero in on a root cause but so far no luck. It not been a high priority to chase this because I'm not going to deploy these anywhere until I can get them working solidly. If you do figure it out please be sure to share the secret.
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