Sonos v Orbi

  • 3 July 2018
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Thank you in advance.

I am beginner at best for going into deep technical aspects of a set up, so please more step-step instructions are better.

My current system is a Netgear Docsis 3.1 CM1000, and an ORBI 3000 (1 bottom level, 1 satellite on second floor). All systems have been rebooted and all software/firmware is up to date.

I recently purchased 2 play:1s to become familiar prior to my Sonos beam/sub and TV being installed next week. As I've seen others on this forum run into issues with ORBI, as soon as I begin to use ANY other device on my network, everything shuts down. I do not know how to run diagnostics or assign independent IP adresses or anything like that so I;ll need some help!

Please help, thanks!

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4 replies

Here is how to submit a diagnostic.

You can post the diagnostic number here as Sonos staff read the forums and will pick it up.

As for the issue you're having...what do you mean by 'everything shuts down'? Are you saying that no devices can connect to your wifi network? Are you saying that you have music playing on the play:1s and they suddenly stop playing? Are you saying the Sonos app can't find the speakers any more? Are your play:1s setup on wifi only or is one or both of the wired directly to Orbi?

I use Orbi myself and don't have any issues like yours. I do use Sonosnet though, with a Sonos Boost connected to the Orbi directly (well, through a switch). The Sonosnet is a separate network than your wifi network, and may help some with traffic issues if that's what you're having. I wouldn't just jump to that route though. If you can describe your issue better and provide a diagnostic, there may be a different issue that can resolved without Sonosnet.

One other point, the Beam isn't released till June 17th, so I don't think it will be installed next week.
That's rather odd. I'd be looking at Orbi support for that kind of an issue. It could be a problem with the Sonos units, but Orbi support might be better at identify the issue, why Orbi is shutting down. A router shouldn't overload, if that's what's happening.

I forget what the different colors mean. The owner's manual or orbi app might help with that.
Apologies, I should've been more specific.

The wifi network will shut down, ORBI turns purple, and the modem then goes through a self-reboot. usually takes about 2-3 minutes of downtime before its up and running. Then everything works great until its "overloaded" again.

I am aware of the July 17 date, I'm just having things installed (TV mount, holes drilled etc etc) next week in preparation- I have no TV right now hah! and will have them come back for the beam after its delivery..
purple means it cannot connect to the internet. Ive been trying to load it now and its been working fine. I'm wondering if its the actual internet from Cox that was not providing a solid signal- since the modem was also rebooting?

Do you know if there is a limit on "traffic" that may cause that? I'm showing download rate of 470mbps and upload of 32