Sonos Sub from Santa?

  • 10 December 2017
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Recently spent entirety too much $ on a PlayBase and two Play1s for rear channels. Words like Holy S#!T Batman and superlative seem fitting. The sub, would take this to a whole otha level. Of those of you that can hear my plea, Fair citizens of Sonos Land. I need help getting a sub.
I would gladly come do dishes, laundry, mow the lawn, pick up dog or little human poop, dance an Irish jig, shower you with complements from sun rise to sunset, shake a stern finger at a trouble maker, cook dinner (On my life, I'm trained in classic Northern Italian Cusisne), sing off key and tell as many bad jokes you can sustain.

Understand this is a corporation and not a charity. And I'm not asking for something with nuthin, see above. And don't act like your not impressed. Maybe Sonos has Secret Santas, or maybe Sonos has some riteous people in corporate. You make amazing products, see no reason you can't make a Christmas miracle too!

Happy Holidays
A very happy Sonos owner

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