Sonos Port Wall bracket




just wanted to share something i 3D-designed and then had 3D-printed in Nylon 12 black for my Home theatre project.

I had the idea to hide all components/wiring unless i needed them in sight such as XBOX, PS5, Record Player, Blu-ray, etc… Therefore i thought about hanging some of it on a wall behing a panel where i could then start drawing the furniture with a false back space, etc… etc… From this idea spawned the Port Wall Bracket next to it’s Boost component. The Philips Hue Sync Box and all it’s components,drivers, etc... shared the same faith :)


This is what i came up with if anyone else wants to see or maybe use it in their own system setup : 

[link removed]


Or on YT right here :


Any thoughts, feel free to share.


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Hi @Ki Props

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Thanks for sharing - that’s a nice design!


Thank you😊🙏

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Looks nice, though I do not understand why you would put it next to a Boost, which function (starting a Sonosnet) the Port can take over when cable connected.