Sonos Port: adding ARC and Sub to wired set up

  • 23 November 2021
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If i hook up the port to my reciever and wired system will i also be able to use the arc and the sub to play music?  Essentially I’d like all speakers to fire as I stream to the port. Two front wired and two back wired along with ARC and Sub. Can that be done?


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2 replies

The Arc and Sub are not meant to be used with a receiver.  They are a standalone soundbar and sub which are meant to connect directly to the TV.  Even if you were to group them to the receiver via a Port, the only source you would get is stereo line input, and it would be lagging behind the receiver by about 75ms.  In short, it would sound terrible.

This might work if the receiver via a Tape/Rec Out feeds into the Port, then plays back from the Port via a Tape In. A tape monitor loop, in other words.

The signal going back into the receiver’s Tape In would be delayed by the same amount as the sound from the Arc.

Whether this all works together depends of course on the receiver not adding its own processing delay to the sound from its wired speakers. Many do.