Sonos Port 12V Trigger for Pioneer Receiver

  • 29 October 2021
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Looking to use the 12v trigger on my new Sonos Port to turn on my receiver when I start playing music through the port. I do not have an input on my Pioneer Receiver to connect to the port. Is there an adaptor or additional component like this in North America that will work?


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3 replies

I’m not sure that this device would work with modern receivers. As a test, simulate this device by simply unplugging the receiver from power, then reconnecting the receiver to power. Does the receiver then do what you expect?

Another point to consider is that modern receivers often have an internal memory backup battery. The memory saves setup information and current settings, such as Volume and radio station presets. Normally, this battery is bypassed (no energy is drawn from the battery) while the receiver is plugged-in to power and these batteries will last for many, many years. Using a device that disconnects the receiver power will slowly discharge the battery and reduce its lifespan. Full disclosure: I don’t know if your receiver uses this scheme.

As a science project, you could use a small computer, such as a Raspberry PI, to send Power commands to the receiver based on PORT’s 12V trigger. Of course, the practicality of this project depends on your experience. This could be a one or two evening project or an enigma.

ARDUINO fans could use this project as a base for developing a controller by adding an input for the 12V trigger.

Thanks for the responses, not sure this gets me any closer to having a one stop that will turn my receiver “on” from standby mode when I send a signal to the port… For the record, I have a Pioneer VSX-820.

I’m definitely out of my league with anything requiring much DIY.