SONOS Play 5 extending airplay network to more SONOS

  • 26 March 2017
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Stick with me here please as this may get a little detailed as I try to explain.

I'm sticking with airplay for now as I've invested $ in equipment such as airport express units and AppleTV's. I've also got a couple of good audio systems that are being fed by these components and I'm not willing to dispose of them all and spend the big bucks on a full SONOS replacement yet. (YET)

I know I can connect a SONOS Play 5 to an airport express just as I could any other powered speaker. I've hesitated doing this though, because spending the big $ on the Play 5 and not utilizing its network features, etc., seems silly.

However (and here's my question) I was told that if I do hook up a Play 5 to an Airport Express and stream music to it from iTunes on my computer or other device, the Play 5 will then serve to distribute that signal to any other SONOS speakers I have in the house, without using any more Airport Express units. In other words, the hard wired Play 5 becomes the hub, sending what it's receiving to say, a pair of Play 1's in the kitchen.

Can anyone confirm for me that the Play 5 will in fact do this?


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1 reply

I am not sure about the hub terminology, but yes, whatever goes to the Play:5 line in can be played on any and all of the other Sonos speakers.

However, you can play the music in your iTunes wirelessly through Sonos with no need for an Airport Express anyway.