sonos or stereo volume control

  • 14 August 2007
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Our first ZP 100s went in rooms with no stereos. The other day, I noticed my wife was cranking the ZP in the kitchen to hear it in the LR instead of using the Roku SB there. So I guess we need more.

Anyway, I was wondering if people with ZPs hooked to stereos usually used the ZP or stereo volume control. Or do you end up juggling two vcs?

Is there a granularity issue using the digital outputs? (I'm guessing it's in 1.5dB steps.)

Does anyone use a ZP100 and automatic speaker switches to bypass a perfectly good stereo, just for ease of use?


4 replies


In my opinion, the automated switch wins. Ease of use usually rules in the end, thats why the Roku is being bypassed by inferior sound leaking from the kitchen.

Use one of the slave speaker switches (they are cheaper), connect SONOS as the default amplifier, and key the switch from a 12V transformer plugged into the Receiver's switched outlet. Turning ON the Receiver will transfer the speakers, your wife will be able to simply pick up the SONOS controler and go.
I have a ZP80 hooked up to a normal amp. I end up leaving the amp on a fairly loud setting, and adjusting volume on Sonos. The amp is a good one, so no problems with hiss or something, but it is a waste of energy, really. I am in the market for an auto-sensing amp, but haven't found a solution which would work with my ZP80 and external DAC yet.
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I take a similar approach - my lone zp80 is hooked into an av receiver but it is not left on. I power it on and set the volume to a specific setting (the volume control is displays a number and this is why I like numbered volume controls) and then use the Sonos controller to control volume.

I would love to see a 12v trigger on the zp80 that could power the receiver. I think these triggers are becoming a fairly common feature but I think used for amps/receivers powering on other equipment not something powering the amp on. I don't like leaving any of my amps/receivers on so manually powering them on is the only option I know of for the time being.
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I have two ZP 80s connected to receivers in different rooms and use Sonos exlusively to change the volume. Like the others, I just set a fairly loud volume. Both Amps stay on most of the time. I, too, would like a way to wake them as needed. I have also ended up using the Sonos controller to control my TV volume routed thru the stereo. Unfortunately, my Flat panel plasma tv volume doesn't control the volume of my amp. Moverover, my Amp is older and doesn't have its own remote control. As a result, I use the Sonos to control the TV volume when we want louder stereo sound for movies, for example. Other times, we still use the TV remote.