Sonos - no music or sound from Sonos 1

  • 5 November 2016
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Hi need to help or thoughts.

I have Sonos 1 which was working as part of a surround system Sound Bar + Sub + Sonos RS +Sonos LS for last 2 /3 years. No problem.

It will now not connect to the network correctly come sup as Sound bar + RS + ??.

It can control the volume and skip tracks but it will not play music from any source. If you listen really carefully it has a very quiet crcakle.

Tried to unmute it but that doe not appear work.

Have rebuilt sonos system from nothing twice now.

I am part of the bet programme but I do not think that is the issue.

I love the Sonos system but this is driving my insane.

Do I have a simple blown speaker ?

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3 replies

What happens when you physically switch the two 1 units around, and redesignate the two speakers by reconfiguring the system? Does the problem also move with the speaker?
I swapped them over and the second one ( previously not working) said it was Sonos A. So I then added the first one to the system again. It came up as Sonos B.

So it looks like they both though they were Sonos A.

The problem seems to have sorted itself out now that I have swapped them around and designate one to Sonos B.

The problem seems to have sorted itself out

Good. That still doesn't explain the crackling, but let sleeping dogs lie is often a good idea!