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  • 22 July 2020
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Hi Guys, Looking at buying the Sonos Move, I’m just a bit confused how the Wifi/Bluetooth set up works.

we currently bluetooth from our phones using spotify to our current device. This works well, however the Move uses the home Wifi network in the house.

Not sure is there any difference in how we can use the Move if it is using the home wifi set-up.


We want the quality set-up, but just generally use our I-phones to stream music. Appreciate any feedback.



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1 reply

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You can use the move in two ways.

There is a button on the back to switch between each mode

In BT mode it is a dumb bluetooth speaker that will play any sounds that the one paired phone or tablet makes. In this mode it does not use Wi-Fi and the Voice Control is inactive.  It will also not be controllable with the Sonos App.


When in wifi mode, and connected,  the Move is controlled via Voice(Alexa/Google) or using the Sonos App, or via Spotify Connect(and amazon equivalent) on any mobile phone/tablet/pc on the same wifi network.  Anyone wanting to control the speaker would need to install the free Sonos app on their device. In this mode your phone tablet etc is really like a remote control for the Move rather than playing music stored on the phone that happens in the BT mode.  Everyone, who has the app, will be able to change music and add to the queue or change volume etc.  It is not restricted to just the one device at the time.  In this mode if you want to play from Spotify you would need that to be set up as a music service in the Sonos app.