Sonos connect + sonos sub

  • 14 January 2013
  • 3 replies

Please make my sonos sub compatible with sonos connect... Sonos connect amp haven't enought power to drive my speakers..and i love sonos sub!

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3 replies

Yes, please.

I have speakers pre-run in my home, and they are driven by some nice amps (ELAN).  These amps are located in my wiring closet, and so I have CONNECT devices in the wiring closet, connected to the various amp inputs.

One of the rooms needs a bit more bass, and a perfect solution would have been to add a SUB to the room, and bond it to the CONNECT.  But, alas, I cannot seem to do this.  I don't really have another viable option, as the wiring closet is far from the room, and it would be prohibitively hard to try running another line from the wiring closet to said room.

Why is this not allowed?  :-(

If you are afraid of people having issues with volume adjustment (and then for some reason complaining to you guys), then just add a disclaimer or something.  But, for those of us who know what we're doing (and especially in my situation, where the amps are essentially locked to a given output level and never touched again -- volume is controlled by the line input level), it would be wonderful to be able to add a SUB to a room that is being driven by a CONNECT.

Please consider allowing this... Thanks!!
Very similar situation to Gnare. Have a number of clients using a similar setup - Connects via NAD ci980's and various Monitor Audio speakers including ceiling and exterior. Have wired external subs [MA CLG-W12] using MA power amps all racked in server cupboards, but would simply wish to add a Sonos Sub to one of the rooms to a:) add a little added bass, and b:) because they look so damn good!
With this power-amped set-up and variable volume via Sonos or Spotify apps etc. I see no reason why there could not be a firmware/software update to allow the addition of a Sub to the Zone solely using a Connect.
I am about to try adding a Play-1 to the zone just to be able to add the sub. Seems a bit of a waste.
As Gnare has requested...Please consider allowing this... Thanks!!
How could this work without a hardware modification to the Connect? Where and how in the setup is the crossover handled when the Connect can only output the full frequency range and knows nothing about the amplification. These are genuine questions, I am not saying it cannot be done, just that I cannot see how.

However, even if technically possible I cannot see this extremely rare use case getting any development resource.